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High Pressure Cleaning Truck
MQF5160GQXD4 high pressure cleaning multifunction truck is researched and developed by Fujian Qunfeng Machinery with introduction of Finland technology, combined with China’s national conditions. The key performance indicators of the truck are in the national leading level. This truck has the function to clean the road (including highway, city road, garden) and ancillary facilities (such as guardrail, street signs, traffic lights, the streets fence, highways wall and supporting road building facade) and other cleaning functions, can thoroughly remove soil dust from tiny potholes. The truck also has the function of road sprinkler, city garden irrigation, spray, cooling, dust extinguishing , etc. Additional, the truck also features a hand gun, which can clear the road surface with high pressure water easily clean stubborn stains, such as advertising stickers, gum in masonry crack, residual traces on the road after construction etc.
Performance Feature:
1Electricity, gas centralized control, convenient and flexible operation. The driver can finish various operations except holding a spray gun, which reduce the labor intensity of the driver, improve safety and comfort.
2The main components of electrical, water, gas circuit system adopt domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers, such as cylinder, pneumatic valve, high pressure pumps, etc., which improve the using reliability of the truck.
3This truck use domestic advanced modified second class chassis, with features of low fuel consumption, high quality turbo engine, good dynamic performance, large torque backup, GB IV emissions, and excellent driving control performance.
4This truck has two sets of independent high and low pressure water system, using auxiliary engine drive high pressure pumps, and chassis engine driving low pressure water pump. The engine speed and high pressure water pump speed does not contain each other, the high pressure cleaning speed can be arbitrary controlled.
5Rear worktable, equipped with high water cannons, and with functions of auxiliary fire. The high water cannon can be adjusted to the shape of pillars or mist. With high pressure clean gun, which can be used to clean the road signs, billboards, body self-cleaning, ect.
6The main cleaning way is high pressure with small flow, which is efficiency and water saving. Water tank is equipped with low water level sensor alarm system, It will alarm and cut off automatically the high pressure water pump in time when water level is low, to avoid water pump broken down.
7High pressure water jet device is in the middle of the truck body, and is equipped with guide wheel and obstacle avoidance organizations (patent technology), reduces the ground clearance of high pressure nozzle, effectively improve the cleaning efficiency, and also avoid the high pressure water splashed onto the windshield and directly affect the driver’s line of sight, improve the driving safety.
Technical Parameters:
Technical Parameters MQF5160GQXD4
Chassis Model DFL1160BX4
Chassis Engine Model(kW) ISDe185 40/136
Engine Model(kW) C490BPG-289/36.8
Wheel Base (mm) 4500
Emission Standard GBIV
Water Tank Volume() 7.9
High Pressure Cleaning Max. Cleaning Width(m) 2.5-3.5
Water Pressure (MPa) 8
Water Rated Flow (L/Min) 153
Cleaning Speed(km/h) 5-20
Low Pressure Hedge Cleaning Width (m) ≥24
Cleaning Water Volume(L/min) 400-800
Cleaning Speed(km/h) 5-20
Water gun ranges(m) ≥30
Dimensions ( L * W* H)(mm) 8270×2500×2915
Max. Gross Weight(kg) 16000
Qunfeng Cleaning TruckStreet SprinklerSpraying Truck
Rear spray
Qunfeng Cleaning TruckStreet SprinklerSpraying Truck
Mist spray

Qunfeng Cleaning TruckStreet SprinklerSpraying Truck

Qunfeng Cleaning TruckStreet SprinklerSpraying Truck

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