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This machine has large capacity and can produce various kinds of the concrete products; the design of secondary feeding is to produce the colorful paving stones. The design of heightening equipment adapts to the different requirements of customers and the maximum height of the blocks can be 400mm. It has the advanced technology and reliable quality and suitable for the medium-sized enterprises to establish a certain scale simple automatic production line.

1) The unique arch beam demoulding structure ensure the accurate demoulding synchronism requirements, which avoid the damage to blocks and is easy to maintain and adjust. 
2) The advanced Knocking-way vibration system has a better vibration effect which can reduce the shock to the framework with, that guarantee the machine long lifespan and stable working way. 
3) The feeding cart use the advanced swing high speed feeding cart. Through the crank disk drive five quick link to reach the effect of high speed swing feeding, the back and forth swinging angle can up to around 70 degrees with fast feeding speed and balanced feeding distribution. Compared with the speed of rotation raking cart, the swing cart can improve by 30%, which widely match with varieties of wet and dry materials. What’s more, characterized with convenient maintenance and low failure rate, the swing feeding carts have many different types for optional. 
4) Big capacity with various types of concrete products. Equip with top color feeding system,it can produce color paving stone, also customizable according to different requirement, the max. Height of product can be made is 400mm 
5) Advanced technology, reliable quality, suitable for medium sized company to establish simple automatic production line .

Technical data

 Dimension  3150×2090×3000mm
 Rating pressure  21MPa
 Vibration  Table vibration
 Vibration frequency  2800 – 4500r/min
 Pallet size  1100×760mm
 Cycle time  12-25sec.
 Power  44 kW

Hollow Block Machine for Sale (QF1000)
Hollow Block Machine for Sale (QF1000)
Hollow Block Machine for Sale (QF1000)

Hollow Block Machine for Sale (QF1000)

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