Chapter One: The introduction of electrical system and exclusion methods for impossible troubles-II. The introduction of electrical elements-4


AD module function: AD modules, analog to digital conversion module, its function is the collection to the voltage or current signal is converted to digital signals. We used the Siemens 200 series 4AD module when collecting voltage signal lead access to A + A-, the current signal must be connected to RA + (RA A + short­ circuit), the A-The module has a red DIP switch 1,2 allocated for the acquisition of current signals, the 1,3-dial when the voltage signal for the acquisition.

The problem Note: weighing transmitters , sensors have confirmed that under normal circumstances, displayed on the touch screen analog value of 0, make sure to collect what signal,if the current signal RA+ To short-circuit.

2、Weighing Amplifier

(1)  The amplifier  signal  input  at both ends  (both  VO+ VO-)

voltage couldn’t exceed 0.1V, otherwise the sensor wiring occurs error.

(2)  The analog value shows O when empty or heavy objects on the touch screen, you can measure the amplifier output VO and GND voltage across the negative, if you need a positive voltage regulator. Suppose we are debugging is A way, then we need to ‘A Road zeroing’ knob, clockwise rotation allowed to be positive.

(3)  when heavy weights is heavier but analog value is getting

smaller and smaller, indicating that the two signal lines of the sensor (both then in the VO+ V0-2 line) , then the opposite will be the swap.

(4)   when there is a lot of heavy objects, but the analog value increase very small, indicating that the amplifier coefficient is too small, ‘A path gain’ knob clockwise so that the amplification factor increases (assuming debugging A Road).

        when the analog value of the touch screen is 32760, indicating that the road did not pick the sensors. If you confirm access to the sensor, the sensor wiring occur errors or sensor damage.