Chapter One: The introduction of electrical system and exclusion methods for impossible troubles-II. The introduction of electrical elements-10

Malfunction 8, Main machine can not run automatically.

Failure 8-1: the wire of manual/automatic button is disconnected or get damaged; the equipment cannot be turned to the automatic status.

Solution 8-1: check the touch screen to see if it is in “Auto.” status, if not, replace the manual / automatic button.

Failure 8-2: Parameters set incorrectly. Such as: product selection is set incorrectly, color feeding device, Insulation  system is setting incorrectly, and stacker set error.

Solution 8-2: check the equipment parameters setting and product setting.

Failure 8-3: no input signal in limit switch or input signal has mistake.

Solution 8-3: Check the installation position of each limit switch to see if the limit switch signal line is disconnected or get damaged; and the PLC input display is correctly or not.

Malfunction 9, Equipment fuse burning frequently. Failure: If the insurance management has been blown, short­

circuited lines, required in case of power failure, one by one where the line fuse with a multimeter investigation. Often short-circuit components : the lightning protection devices, switching power supplies, relays, circuit boards, solenoid valve coil, AC contactors, thermal relays, air lines, electrical short circuits.

Solution: check, check the appropriate line according to the

action. For the investigation can be removal of the corresponding external line of electronic control box, and then carry out the investigation.

Malfunction 10, Single movement doesn’ t work.

Single movement doesn’ t work: please according to the exclusion method following in other chapters.