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Main Technical Specifications of QFT3-20:
Size and output of major products:
A) Hollow blocks: 400 X 200 X 200mm, 2PCS/mould
B) Perforated bricks: 240 X 115 X 90mm, 8PCS/mould
C) Interlocking ripples: 10PCS/mould
D) Solid bricks: 240 X 115 X 53mm, 18PCS/mould
2) Pallet size: 680 X 535mm
3) Cycle time: 15 – 20 seconds
4) Type of major vibration: Table vibration
5) Vibration frequency: 3800 – 4200 r/min
6) Total power: 19.95kW
7) Rating pressure: 6.3Mpa
8) Profile size (including pallet delivering device and green block delivering device): 5130X 3860 X 2520mm
9) Weight: 3808kg
This simplest hydraulic system ,and operation essentials can be learnt easily in few minutes.
Cement Automatic Block Machine (QFT3-20)
The stratiform colored layer can be fed with the simple horizontaltwice material feeding system.The pressing and vibration combined organically .The finished products have high  density and excellent capacity.
Cement Automatic Block Machine (QFT3-20)
With compact structure ,simple operation ,convenient maintenance ,steady capability,effcient and good practicability .This machine is suitable for customers with small or medium amount of investment.

Cement Automatic Block Machine (QFT3-20)
Eight advantages of Qunfeng paver block Making Machine

(1) Uses Germany Siemens PLC control system and Siemens Touch Screen.
A. Human-computer interface screen with easy operation; 
B. Is able to set up, update and amend the production perimeters, to maximize the production output; 
C. Dynamic display of the system’s status, automatic trouble shooting and warning notice; 
D. Has advanced logical safety lock function, avoiding mechanical accidents caused by operational mistakes; 
E. Is able to troubleshoot the machinery via remote control. 

(2) Uses proportional electrical and hydraulic control relief valves, which automatically adjust the oil flow and pressure as per specific working requirements, to buffer the hydraulic cylinder when working; Uses integrated high-pressure and soft oil pipes, with easy installation; 

(3) Optimun structure of vibrating shafts, which assures vibration distributed uniformly in the range of vibrating table, thereby improves the uniformity and stability of blocks, produces better quality of product than before when using the same ratio of raw material, and effectively reduces the noise. 

(4) Use special design of fixing table and knock type vibration, improves the speed of making product and the accuracy of the size of product. 

(5) Uses multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding, which greatly improves the density and intensity of the blocks, and reduces the feeding time as well; 

(6) Heavy-duty machine frame, which uses high-intensity steel and advanced heat treatment, is wear resistant. 

(7) Mould frame is made with inlaid structure, and mould are processed via the procedures of carburizing, nitriding and quenching which guarantee the strength of mould core and mould surface could be HRC52-HRC61. 

(8)The lifespan of mould is not less than100 thousands times. 
Further more information & pictures about this production line, please contact with our company.

Cement Automatic Block Machine (QFT3-20)

Global service system

As a model enterprise of China building material machinery, Qunfeng provides upscale and high-quality machinery with intelligent technology for their customers. Covering six continents with 7 overseas service stations and 24 domestic offices, Qunfeng has served 8000 clients from 110 countries and regions with more efficient intelligent manufacturing equipment. Qunfeng has earned great reputation in the world with its products being exported to high-level market worldwide, include Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania, Africa and North America. 

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