Multifunctional Sweeping and Washing Truck

This truck is a multifunctional efficient sanitation truck with functions of sweeping and washing. It has functions of road sweeping, washing, flushing, and water spraying, and it can also collect the rubbish and the sewage. The Multifunctional Sweeping and washing Truck can meet many requirements, especially applicable to the urban streets and the roads which require high cleanness.

1,Introduced Germany industry design concept, adoption of a brand-new design,look attractive and elaborate,well man-machine coordination.
2,Adopt device of “central dual disc brush+central wide suction nozzle+high pressure spray lance” realizing integrated work of sweeping,high pressure flushing and garbage/sewage collection.
3,Suction system adopts mechanical buffering suspension structure whcih extends significantly lifespan of parts of roller etc.
4,High-pressure water system adopts solenoid water valves for manipulation of on/off,look compact and terrific,stable and reliable.
5,Imported high pressure industry water pump,high cleaning capability,stable and reliable quality.
6,Crucial components of water system,pneumatic system,electric system and hydraulic system are all selected from prestigious suppliers,like air cylinder,air valve group,sprayer pump,motor,PLC enhance vehicle reliability.
7,There is spraying and cleaning device in the carriage that it could wash automatically after dumping.
8,Water tank,garbage container and high pressure water system are all made from 304 stainless steel delivers outstanding performance in anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
9,Independent low-pressure water system comes with nozzles on left and right flushing crosswise that fulfills work of flushing roadway.
10,Intelligent control system integrates electronic,hydraulic and pneumatic system in one,touch panel with compact and neat interface,easy to operate.
11,Several safety warning devices:low water level warning of water tank,high water level warning of garbage container,water temperature warning of motor,oil pressure warning,backup camera,tipping container warning,water pump load-off,work status indication etc.which offers full inspection,detection of equipments and warning.
12,Real-time adjustment of rotation speed of motor based on amount of garbage to process which ensures quality work while reduce fuel consumption at the same time.
13,Switchable working modes according to actual demand when sweeping or flushing.

Technical Parameters:

 Model  MQF5161TXSD5 MQF5181XSD5
 Type of the Chassis DFL1160BX1V  DFH1180BX1V
Emission standard GB V GB V
Model and Power of Chassis Engine (kW)  ISD210 50/155 ISD210  50 / 155
Model and Power of Deputy Engine (kW)  QSB5.9-C160-30/120  QSB5.9-C160-30/120
Wheelbase (mm) 5000 5000
Dimension: L*W*H (mm)  8770×2500×3010  8770×2500×3010
Weight(kg)  15800 18000
 Volume of water tank(m³) 10 10
Volume of the Garbage Bin(m³) 7 7
 Cleaning Max Cleaning Width(m) 4.1 4.1
Cleaning speed(km/h)  3-10 3-10
 Sweeping Cleaning Width (m)  3.5 3.5
Sweeping speed (km/h)  3-20 3-20
Sweeping Capacity (m²/h) 70000 70000
Angle for discharging (º)  ≥45  ≥45
Water pump of High pressure  Pratissoil KF36  Pratissoil KF36
Water pump of Low pressure  80QZB60/90  80QZB60/90


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