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This machine is an economical machine with the feature of compact structure, easy to operate and maintain ,small investment quick returns and it is suitable for those investors who are in small or medium scale to equip this simple automatic production line.

1) Introduce frequency converter, saves the power. 
2) All the action is controlled by high-low speed, which can improve the working speed of equipment, and reduce the impact to equipment, lifespan of machine is greatly improved . 
3) The vibration system adopts double – motor vibration, compression molding ,Synchronous demoulding ,with high production efficiency and short cycle time. The motor operating speed can be adjusted for different raw materials to get good vibration. 
4) Aggregate feeding system adopts rotary raking cart, fast feeding with high quality, easy for changing the rake and maintenance 
5) Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, solid and reliable, suitable for customers who starts the investment.

Technical data

 Dimension  3270×1850×3200mm
 Rating pressure  21MPa
 Vibration  Table vibration
 Vibration frequency  1500-4100 r/min
 Pallet size  850×680 mm
 Cycle time  12-25 sec.
 Power  37.5 kW

Qf700 Block Machine for Sale

Qf700 Block Machine for Sale
Qf700 Block Machine for Sale

Qf700 Block Machine for Sale

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