Garbage Truck with Detachable Carriage /Refuse Collector Truck

Back-loading garbage compression truck

Back-loading compression garbage truck is developed basis on European advanced technology and China’s basic national conditions.
The truck’s performance is in domestic leading level and mainly suitable for the garbage collection and transportation in good conditions places, such as urban and rural streets, large factories, residential areas and school.

1.The truck is equipped with domestic advanced Class Two chassis, imported hydraulic and electrical components, which are stable and reliable performance. The drum shape structure is simple and elegant, and made of high-strength manganese, which is strong and durable.
2.Big carriage volume, two-way compression technology, horizontally compression cylinder, high compressed capacity and strong loading capacity.
3.Using composite seal and good anti-acid EPDM seal, they are both good sealing performance. There are sewage tanks to collect water in front and rear compartments, to prevent secondary pollution.
4.It’s easy and flexible to joint operate with manual and PLC control. All operating actions can be completed in the cab, which enhance reliability and improved safety and comfort.
5.Engine power output is automatic, lower fuel consumption and more economy.
6.Stuffing box has a safety valve lift mechanism and explosion-proof valve, which can improve the safety and also double insurance.
7.The feeding mechanism can choose bucket mechanism (with 330L steel or 240L plastic barrel), the arm mechanism (with 5 m³ ship-shape bucket) .

Technical Parameters:


MQF5160ZYSD5/MQF5180ZYSD5 Back-loading garbage compression truck is developed base on European advanced technology and Practicality. The truck’s performance is in domestic leading level and mainly suitable for the garbage collection and transportation in good conditions places, such as urban and rural streets, large factories, residential areas and school.

1. The truck is equipped with domestic advanced Class Two chassis, imported hydraulic and electrical components, which are stable and reliable performance. The drum shape structure is simple and elegant, and made of high-strength manganese, which is strong and durable.
2. Big carriage volume, two-way compression technology, horizontally compression cylinder, high compressed capacity and strong loading capacity.
3. Using composite seal and good anti-acid EPDM seal, they are both good sealing performance. There are sewage tanks to collect water in front and rear compartments, to prevent secondary pollution.
4. It’s easy and flexible to joint operate with manual and PLC control. All operating actions can be completed in the cab, which enhance reliability and improved safety and comfort.
5. Engine power output is automatic, lower fuel consumption and more economy.
6. Stuffing box has a safety valve lift mechanism and explosion-proof valve, which can improve the safety and also double insurance.
7. The feeding mechanism can choose bucket mechanism (with 330L steel or 240L plastic barrel), the arm mechanism (with 5 m³ ship-shape bucket).

Technical specification:

Model MQF5160ZYSD5
Chassis Model DONGFENG DFL1160BX1V
Engine Model/power(kW) ISDE 180 50/132
Discharge Standard V
Outer size(mm) 8530X2500X3080
Carriage Capacity(m³) 13.8
Stuffing capacity(m³) 1.7
Sewage capacity (L) 290+265
Max. Speed(km/h) 90
Max. Working pressure(MPa) 16
The max. Weight(kg) 16000


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