Electric Road Sweeper/Floor Sweeper/Cleaning Sweepe

MQF190SDE electric sweeper is our new battery-drive cleaning car with advantages of advanced design, flexible and convenient operation as well as low maintenance cost.It can continously work for 6~8 hours after charging. It can be used in park, community, square, school and so on. The cleaning work can be finished with high efficiency.

The max.sweep width is 1.9 meters, the max.driving speed is 15km/h and the working speed is 0~12km/h. The garbage bin volume capacity is 180L and the working efficiency can reach to 17000m²/h.
It’s easy to operate with push button control.
The ahead and back brush can lift and descend together with main brush which is easy and convenient.
Brush height can be adjusted manually which improves working efficiency of main brush.
Equipped with dust filter and cleaning device.

Model MQF190SDE
Voltage(V) 48
Top speed(km/h) ≥15
Working Speed(km/h) 0~12
Gradeability(°) ≥20
The max.cleaning width(mm) 1900(Main brush+Four side brushes)
Working efficiency(m2/h) 17000
Garbage bin volume(L) 180
Spanned height(mm) ≥60
Continuous working hours(h) 6~8(normal temperature)4~6(-20ºC)
Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 2170×1700×2100
Weight(kg) 850

Electric Road Sweeper/Floor Sweeper/Cleaning Sweepe
Electric Road Sweeper/Floor Sweeper/Cleaning Sweepe

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