Electric Cleaning Tricycle

MQF450QXE electric cleaning tricycle is one multi-functional vehicle designed specially for sanitation of urban streets and affiliated facilities,fits for cleaning of footpaths,non-motorized vehicle lane,stained roadway of populated heavy-traffic city and sorts of communal facilities,featured for high pressure,low water-consumption,small size and agility etc.


1.Adopt brand new serialized industry design,look attractive,comfortable drive and easy to operate.
2.Adopt unique heavy-duty chassis,furnished with high-strength fiber-reinforced plastic ceiling and panoramic glass.
3.Equipped with high-capacity maintenance-free lead-acid battery,long endurance mileage.
4.Equipped with flushing nozzles,high-pressure water jet,automatic reel etc.
5.Adopt imported high-pressure small-flow pump,strong ejection and long continous working time.
6.High-pressure water pump driven by petrol engine from Briggs&Stratton and Honda,stable quality and robust power.
7.One-piece plastic water tank,nice anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.
8.15m hose imposes high capacity.
9.High pressure spray gun comes with scallop nozzles and revolving nozzles of different specifications of 0°,15°,25°,40°etc which is able to be replaced fastly due to demands.
10.High-capacity independent fuel tank,largely increase engine working time.

Item Unit Parameter
product name / electric cleaning tricycle
model / MQF450QXE
traction motor power W 1800
battery voltage V 60
battery capacity AH 80
wheelbase mm 2070
min.ground clearance mm 140
departure angle ° 41
total weight kg 1200
vehicle weight kg 680
endurance mileage km Empty 60/full load 30~40
max.speed km/h 30
max.gradeability % ≥15
dimension(L×W×H) mm 3100×1200×1720
high-pressure pump model / Annovi Reverberi AR24971
pump pressure Mpa 27
pump flow L/min 15.1
engine model / Briggs&Stratton25T2370092H7
engine power Hp 13.5
water tank capacity L 450
oil tank capacity L 20
hose length m 15
rated pressure of water system Mpa 16
left&right flushing range m ≥10
driving speed when flushing Km/h 0~10
working time on one tank of water min 30~40