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AAC block is made of fly ash, lime, cement and aluminum powder, and with the procedures of crushing, measuring, mixing, pouring, autoclaving and cutting. AAC block has advantages of extremely light weight, excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation, energy conservation, waste recycling, convenience etc. As a new building material, AAC block is emphatically promoted by the world.

Foam Concrete Production Line

(01) Belt Conveyor
(02) Batching Machine
(03) Roller Screen
(04) Grinding Head Silo
(05) Wet Ball Mill
(06) Jaw Crusher
(07) Dust Catcher
(08) Bucker Elevator
(09) Silo For Coarse Lime    
(10) Dry Ball Mill
(11) Silo For Fine lime
(12) Cement Silo
(13) Screw Conveyor
(14) Slurry Storage Tank
(15)  Weighing Hopper For Slurry
(16), Weighing Hopper For Lime And Cemen
(17)Ferry Cart
(18) Turning Crane
(19) Vertical Cutting Machine
(20) Horizontal Cutting Machine
(21) Turning & Grouping Crane
(22) Curing Cart
(23) Autoclave
(24) Finished Product Crane
(25) Block Clamping Machine
(26) Winch For Side Plate Return

2)Technological process:

1. First, dose and match measured raw materials;

2. After distributing, feed raw material into pouring mixer to make slurry.

3. Through thoroughly mixing, the slurry is poured to mould;

4. After pre-curing under a certain temperature and time, the block would reach a certain hardness and prepare for cutting;

5. Tilting hoister would turn over 90 degrees of mould;

6. Then open the mould and separate it from block. And take the block with side plate to the cutting cart;

7. Firstly, the cutting machine vertical cuts blocks from both sides.

8. Secondly the horizontal cutting;

9. Finally the vertical cutting;

10. After cutting, the block is hanged to trolley with side plate by semi-finished product hoister;

11. Organizing the cut blocks and put them into autoclaves;

12. Hardening the blocks under certain temperature and pressure;

13. Carry the finished product out of autoclave

14. The finished product hoister take the finished product to stock shield;

15. Packed for loading;

16. The side plate return back through side plate roller;

17. Side plate would be organized with open mould; .

18. Clean the mould and prepare for next pouring;

19. Steel bars processing line for slab production.


AAC block production line consists of raw materials processing & batching casting& casting mixer&turning cutting.

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Foam Concrete Production Line
Foam Concrete Production Line


Foam Concrete Production Line

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